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My Adventure in Slovenia

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

My time in Slovenia was a beautiful adventure. From my arrival, I was taken with the breathtaking views of the Vipava Valley. As I stood feeling the Burja wind blowing in my hair, it seemed to whisper to me to take the time and get to know the treasures of Slovenian winemaking. ​

At Burja Estates I learnt alongside Primož Lavrenčič. He taught me how to better understand the particularity of the Slovenian terroir, the advantages of skin maceration and many other techniques in the winery and most importantly, the importance of following your intuition.


The Burja Estate connects a traditional Vipava winegrowing farm with modern understanding of wine. Their work and vision are based on the respect for local varieties, knowledge about the diversity and wealth of their vineyards, as well as a holistic approach that is focused on trying to balance material perceptions with a spiritual dimension. Their vineyards are cultivated according to the principles of biological and biodynamic viticulture.

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Memory lane

And the AMAZING team!


Mateja Lavrenčič


Mitja Turka


William Fontanot


Harvest team!

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