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Vintage: 2021

Where: Burja Estate, Podnanos, Vipava Valley, Slovenia

Grape varieties: Malvazjia, Laski Rizling, Rebula, Vitoska

Alcohol by volume: 13,4%

Vineyards: Malvazjia - Zemono, Laski Rizling - Ravno Brdo and Golavna, Rebula - Golavna, Vitoska- Golavna, biodynamic agriculture.

Soil: Flysch (alternation of marlstone, sandstone, breccia and conglomerate)

Harvest: by hands in small cases.

Malvazjia 09/18/21, flower day; Laski Rizling 09/22/21, Rebula, Vitoska, Laski Rizling 09/24/21, fruit day

Winemaking: Malvazjia 2 days in the fridge, whole clusters + 30% destemmed for pied de cuve . Laski Rizling 2 days in the fridge, 15% destemmed. Vitoska and Rebula whole clusters. Maceration on skin for 3-4 weeks with daily punch down (pigeage). 

Pressed 10/15/21, decanted one day in Stainless steel and plastic containers and put into Dame-Jeannes. Transferred in Slovenian clay amphora (320L) on 01/10/22. No fining, no filtration. 

Quantity: 359 bottles, bottled on 11/03/22, flower day

Format: 750ml

Sulfite: 5mg/L added before bottling

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La Extranjera

Vintage: 2020

Where: Microbio Wines, Nieva, Segovia, Spain

Grape varieties: 35% Syrah + Field blend of old red grapes vines inter-planted  between the Verdejo vines (Garnacha, Cinsault, Carignan, Tempranillo, Mencía, etc.) 

Alcohol by volume: 12,5%

Vineyard: biodynamic agriculture.

Soil: Sand mixte with pebbles, limestone,  clay...

Harvest: beginning of September, by hands in small cases

Winemaking: first ⅓ slightly crushed, whole clusters, second ⅓ destemmed by hands, last ⅓ mainly Syrah whole clusters. Spontaneous fermentation. Semi-carbonic maceration. Pressed on 09/25/20 by foot. Racked once. No fining, no filtration. 

Quantity: 130 bottles, bottled on 10/23/20, fruit day

Format: 750ml

Sulfite: no sulfites added.

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