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About The Artist


Luis Moro

I met the painter Luis Moro during his exhibition at the Museo Torreón de Lozoya in Segovia, Spain in 2019. He was temporarily back in the city, where he was born in 1969. Also a poet and nature lover, Luis has created through his work a universe where he expresses his fascination for the microscopic world of animals, an often forgotten but omnipresent realm.

What first struck me about Luis was the incredible energy that emanated from him- the borderless creative energy that can be felt in all of his work.

In 2020, Luis was working on a project for Ismael Gozalo to create a special collection of wine labels. I fell in love with his creations and asked him if he could design a wine label for my project. At the time, he was exhibiting his work in Mexico. I took it as a sign- I love the country, where my little sister has lived for many years, and have visited regularly. The colourful streets  and the warmth and vibrancy of the people and culture of Mexico never cease to amaze me.


Luis happily accepted my commission and created what is today my label. Everybody sees something different when they look at it, and perhaps something different with repeated looks- just as one can catch a glimpse at the soul of a wine but never quite see all its facets, Luis' work rewards the viewer’s open mind and embraces new perspectives, offering something new at each glance.

To find more about Luis Moro’s work, visit his website and his Instagram.

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