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My Adventure in Austria

Biodynamic farming

Credit TOA – Tastes of Austria

I have been a fan of Austrian and German wines for many years. I have always chosen to represent these vinicole regions in my curated wine lists and it most probably influenced my choice to move to Frankfurt, Germany in 2018. This is also why I was excited when Michael Gindl reached out and proposed that I assist him for his 2022 harvest. On top of that, Weingut MG vom Sol is home to a lot of beautiful animals that are a part of the holistic approach envisioned by Michi.

I spend the majority of my time doing cellar work : processing grapes, cleaning the press and equipment, racking wine, cleaning barrels, bottling, etc. It was hard physical work,  but I am so grateful that I was able to learn much more about winemaking. It was another great harvest this year and I got to meet some amazing people. My latest vintage: L'Étrangère Die Ausländerin is now in the making in barrel!   


Weingut MG vom SOL

Michael Gindl is a natural winemaker in the Weinviertel in Austria and is Demeter Certified. He is passionate about biodynamic farming and 

works his land with the help of horses, cows, sheep and goats.

In order to preserve the character and authenticity obtained in the vineyards, the grapes are pressed very gently, rarely racked, and fermented spontaneously without any additive and with minimum intervention.


SOL: The name of an ancient vineyard in Michaels home village Hohenruppersdorf. SOL can also be taken as a synonym for the sun but also for the soul in his wines. Wines with extraordinary mineral character, picked from organic treated vineyards, minimally processed and unfiltered. Wines for individualists – made by an individualist.

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Memory lane

And the AMAZING team!

Gindl Family.jpg

Gindl Family


Horses power


Iancos Cadlet


Harvest team!

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